About us

With an actual presence in Warsaw / Poland, PilotCampus is a project started in 2010, by a group of pilots in training, realizing the lack of online resources (especially time building possibilities),  later taking official online presence.

Our project comes with the perspective of collecting the most meaningful subjects and tools for your use, either you being a pilot or looking forward to becoming one.

As pilots, we know how hard and confusing the path might be, for most of those who want to follow this career. Also on a daily basis, training resources, operational information, and tools are sometimes too vast and complex.

 PilotCampus is NOT a training or aircraft provider and our only role is to share and mediate Service offers ffrom providers, with our users Community.

 As the aviation world is way too complex, we will update this page according to our findings and any suggestions or requests to [email protected] are welcome.

Wishes of a great experience and safe flights !